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Donations and SupportDonations and Support

Most of our time and effort is spent producing media and providing information for which we make absolutely no charge. Although all theses things are free to all end users, they are not free for us to produce.

The wonderful people who purchase our paid-for-products and attend Iain's seminars provide the finances that enable us to bring all the free information to the majority.

However, in response to requests from people who like the website, newsletters, podcasts, online videos, etc, and who want to directly help provide the resources to enable us to keep bringing you that material, we have set up this donations section!

All donations, large or small, are gratefully received. As our way of saying thanks (no matter how much you donate) everyone making a donation will be sent a download link for a zipped file which contains:

FIFTY free items including:

All our podcasts from the beginning to March 2011 = Over 20 hours of martial and self-defence information!

Three e-books

Three workout mp3s with videos

All of this material has been provided free of charge and your donations will help us to bring you more of this material in the future, in addition to all the other free services we provide.

We have three levels of donation (50p, £1 or £2 for each month in a year):

Basic Donation = £6.00
Standard Donation = £12.00
Top Supporter = £24.00

Please select whichever amount you would like to donate using the options below, follow the instructions and then download the file (if you want to).

We are delighted that you find what we provide here as being useful and of value to you. We really appreciate the support and thank you for helping us to continue to do what we do!

Important Notes: It is strongly recommended that anyone wanting to download the "Thank You Donations Download File" has a good quality broadband internet connection due to the large file size (465 MB). Even with a good broadband internet connection, downloading may take a little while and patience is required. Please also note that these items are all freely available and this is not a purchase of these items but a donation to help us continue to bring you more of the same. You are not purchasing any items or services with these donations.

Type of Donation
£6 Basic Donation (+6.00)
£12 Standard Donation (+12.00)
£24 Top Supporter (+24.00)

Iain Abernethy.com > Donations and Support